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Back home after a long day out on the course? 

Just finished a dozen of arrows?

Unhappy with the last results from the competition you took part in?

Here is archery with a twist, sit down, relax, read and enjoy thoughts about the sport, where it came from, where it is heading. No danger of getting cold or wet or breaking a sweat.   

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We can all easily name a bunch of archery movies. The art of archery in one manner or another feature in so many a film. We all know well that
there are many many Robin Hood films made since the evolution of the motion movie camera and if asked we would probably rant off another
seven or eight cinematic productions without a breath… Rambo, The Hunger Games, Brave, The Lord of the Rings, Alexander, Braveheart.
Kingdom of Heaven, 300 to name but a few. However if we were to r recall how many...

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