Q1. Are international archers ( archers other than UK and Irish ) who are members of archery associations which are officially recognised by the IFAA covered by our policy with O'Driscoll O'Neil ? 
A1. They are covered if they are participating in a SIFA event. 

Q2. Is there a lower age limit on our policy and if there is what is that lower limit? 
A2. There is no limit but conduct a risk assessment for the younger members and make sure they are supervised.
Q3. Are non-shooting SIFA members ( ie. members who help out by volunteering to act as marshals , help with course building , etc. but who do not participate ) insured under our policy with O'Driscoll O'Neil ? 
A3. Yes but they need to be declared as part of the SIFA membership 

Q4. Are SIFA members who are engaged in not-for-personal-profit archery demonstrations and have-a-go under supervision events such as field days, open days, school visits, etc. who are either raising funds for their club and/or endeavouring to raise the profile of archery in Ireland covered under our policy with O'Driscoll O'Neil ? 
A4. Yes but this need to be included in the list of activities and sent in to us

Q5. If we have a club that is using a private woods or a private hall for the purpose of annual or weekly training are they insured? 
A5. Yes we can confirm that the public liability will extend to cover SIFA on the land / venue that they are using as long as they have permission from the landowner / owner.

Q6. If a club is holding a promotion event where they let members of the public try out archery in there Hall, club grounds ie. woodlands Coillte or private or other events like a family fun day in the local school, are they insured?
A6. Anybody looking to try out Archery before deciding on their membership can take part up to 3 times and will fall under the insurance cover. This would be the public liability cover only. Please note there is currently no cover in place for Personal Accident for non-members.

Q7. Is a person insured with ODON if they are over 75 years of age.
A7. Yes: but the person in question has to send his or her full name and DOB 
to the SIFA Secretary to be forwarded on to ODON

Q8. If SIFA members wish to visit event held by another association are they covered by the SIFA personal accident insurance policy that that is currently in place.
A8. The personal accident insurance will extend to cover the players for this.

Q9.  A club in Co Fermanagh has shown interest in becoming part of SIFA, will they be covered under the SIFA insurance policy even though they are in the north of Ireland.
A9.  They will be covered as they are associated with a group in the South but if they set up a standalone policy they won't be.