What is a SBG?

SBG stands for Standard Big Game, a type of shoot which can be run by any club and which is standardised enough for any competitor to guage his score compared with his or her score at any other SBG. 
It is standardised (as much as it can be) by having

The same number of targets, either 36 or 18 x 2
The same mix of target sizes, which are grouped 1 (the largest) to 4
The same mix of distances shot. At all SBGs competitors always shoot the same total distance.

SIFA Bronze, Silver and Gold Arrows is an award scheme for those competing at an SIFA Standard Big Game event, but is not based on how they ranked at the event but how well they scored as individuals.

There are 3 levels of Rating Award - Bronze Arrow, Silver Arrow and Gold Arrow, each represented by a modest pin badge, as illustrated. At an SBG shoot, you can be going for a Rating Gains 
You need 2 gains to get each type of arrow.

Gains are decided by your score of the day. The score you need to get a Bronze, Silver or Gold gain depends on which type (style) of bow you shoot. There’s a table below giving the scores needed for each gain in each style and applies to adult, juniors and cubs alike.

You can change styles from one event to another but a Rating Arrow is obtained from the 2 gains needed in the same style. At any SBG you can work for a Rating Arrow in any recognised style. Where you enter the Ratings is dependent on your current skills. Some competitors may start with Silver or even Gold Gains. Most archers should be able to attain a Bronze.

You can only ever get one Bronze or Silver Arrow for any shooting style. You can win a maximum of three Gold Arrows and instead of the fourth Gold Arrow you will receive an "SIFA HOTSHOT" pin and patch.

There is also available (for the star shooters) an SIFA Star, gained by twice shooting a very high SBG scores in your particular style. This can only be awarded after a Hotshot pin is owned in that style

Any Silver and Gold Gains are brought forward to the current year. Bronze gains are not usually brought forward.