What Is SIFA?

SIFA was formed to offer an alternative to other Field Archery Associations. Its structure and how it is run is different from what you might expect.

The main differences are:

1) Organisational structure.
2) Involvement of the affiliated clubs.
3) The decision making process.

  • All the members of SIFA have an input and are part of the decision making in the Society.
  • Each affiliated club nominates 2 delegates.
  • The delegates of all the affiliated clubs form the Delegate Group.
  • All decisions the society has to make are made by the Delegate Group. The Delegates from the clubs and the Officers will meet when necessary. They will bring the opinion of their members on any issues to the Delegate group for discussion.
  • If an affiliated club wants to propose a change of currently valid rules or procedures it instructs the 2 club delegates to bring the case to the Delegate Group. All reasonable requests will be accepted as long as they are within the framework of common interest, safety, mutual respect to all members and promoting the sport of field archery.
  • The Delegate Group will examine, discuss and vote. A simple majority (51% or more) is sufficient to either carry or reject the matter.
  • Each club, regardless of the amount of members or delegates, will have 1 VOTE only on each subject.
  • The AGM for all members has been replaced in favour of more regular Delegates Meetings for various reasons, among them not having to wait for another year until concerns are dealt with, a much more direct and streamlined way to address issues in a timely manner and the fact that a single day might not be enough to deal with all the submissions that have accumulated over the past year.
  • SIFA clubs may host any type of shoot they wish providing they meet the safety requirements. Clubs are insured to invite archers from other recognised Field Archery organisations within Ireland or abroad, but may be specific in their event advertising as to which groups are invited

For administrational purposes there are officers of the society such as Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Child Protection officer, Safety officer. These officers are appointed either by vote or by agreement.
These Officers are not part of the Delegate Group and do not vote on any issues except when they are the only representative of their club.

Now you know WHAT SIFA is, but the question remains: WHO is SIFA?

SIFA is YOU, the single archer being able to provide an input and have a say in decision making via your club delegates. Since there is no committee or board until the next AGM (see above) every club can elect other members as delegates in cases where they are unsatisfied with the performance of the current ones and thus change the way things are run for the better.
And SIFA is US, all of us, a society of people with a common goal.