Questions & Answers

Q1. What does SIFA insurance cover?

A1. SIFA insurance is public liability only. It covers members in their own clubs and when they travel to other archery clubs or competitions within the island of Ireland, including non SIFA events and clubs. SIFA insurance does not provide personal accidence cover.

Q2. Are clubs using a private woods or a private hall for the purpose of annual or weekly training insured? 

A2. The public liability insurance will cover SIFA on the land / venue that they are using as long as they have permission from the owner. The full address of indoor and outdoor venues regularly used by a club should be sent to the SIFA secretary.

Q3. Are SIFA members who are engaged in not-for-personal-profit archery demonstrations and have-a-go under supervision events such as field days, open days, school visits, etc. who are either raising funds for their club and/or endeavouring to raise the profile of archery in Ireland covered under the SIFA insurance policy? 

A3. Yes, for have-a-go please fill out Safety signoff sheet “Have a Go” shoot and send on to the SIFA safety officer, for other events please send on the list of activities to the safety officer.

Q4. Are non-shooting SIFA members (i.e. members who help out by volunteering to act as marshals, help with course building, etc. but who do not participate) insured under the SIFA insurance policy? 

A4. Yes, but they need to be declared as part of the SIFA membership.

Q5. Is there a lower age limit on the insurance policy and if there is what is that lower limit? 

A5. The insurance company impose a lower age limit for participation of 4 years. Individual clubs can raise the lower age limit as they see fit.

Q6. Are international archers (archers other than UK and Irish) who are members of archery associations which are officially recognised by the IFAA covered by our insurance policy? 

A6. They are covered in the same way as any visitor to the club and therefore should be accompanied by a club member.

Q7. If a club is holding a promotion event where they let members of the public try out archery in their Hall, club grounds or other events like a family fun day in the local school, are they insured?

A7. Anybody looking to try out Archery before deciding on their membership can take part up to 3 times and will fall under the insurance cover. For have-a-goes out side of club grounds see A3.

Q8. Is there an upper age limit for participation?

A8. The insurance company does not impose an upper age limit on participation. It is the responsibility of the club to make sure the grounds are safe for all its members and visitors.

Q9. Are SIFA members insured when traveling abroad for competitions like the EBHC?

A9. No, SIFA insurance only covers the Island of Ireland. The broker SIFA uses can organise insurance cover for groups of people traveling abroad for archery events. Please contact the SIFA secretary for contact details.