Archery Advocate do’s & don’ts

SIFA advocates a safe and friendly environment for all. Being a SIFA members means you will promote best practice both on and off the field, particularly when it comes to how you promote your sport. This includes safety of all involved, the archer, the spectator and all living creatures.

All countries have different laws with regards to hunting live animals. In Ireland you need a licence to hunt animals. A licence can only be issued to gun owners in Ireland. There is no licence available for hunting live animals with a bow and arrow. So, If you are joining archery to learn to hunt live animals?, SIFA and Archery in Ireland is not for you, try a gun club or a different country.  

SIFA clubs will only advocate practicing archery on club sites or temporary sites for have a go archery that is safety signed off by a SIFA safety officer and using equipment that is safe and fit for purpose.

All Archers who join SIFA will be required to do a training course with a SIFA club coach and will be shown how to handle the equipment in a safe manner. Archers are not permitted to point a loaded bow at anything other than a synthetic 3d animals or target designed for archery. Some targets look very life-like and can be mistaken as live in photos, as an advocate of archery it is good practice to post pictures that cannot be mistaken or cause any upset.