Field Archery

What Is It?

Field Archery takes place in woodland or rough terrain and there may be slopes and hollows etc. 
Targets are placed on a circuit in this area (called a course) and competitors move in small groups from target to target. 
Each target has a number of pegs at distances according to the target size that competitors shoot from according to the rules of the competition.
Apart from regular practise there are competitions in regular intervals hosted by the different clubs all over Ireland.

What’s Different?

There can be great variety in Field Archery.

Events may vary by:

The location of the shooting event

The number of targets on the course

The type of targets, e.g. circles, pictures of animals or life size models of animals

The scoring rules and which pegs are to be used.

The distances to the targets, which always vary from one target to the next

Field archers shoot either at animal paper faces (animal pictures attached to a target carrier or target butt) or at 
3D replicas of animals.

Who Can Do It?

Anybody who is able to move on uneven ground and up and down the hills. 
All you need is a pair of boots or wellies and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty as it can get a little muddy in the woods.
And tight clothing is preferable as it will not impair with the shooting.
Generally children from around 7 years of age are welcome but they must be accompanied by a legal guardian, so parents can bring them along and have a go as well.

What Do I Need?

The basic kit consists of:  

  • a bow
  • arrows
  • a quiver to hold the arrows
  • a glove or tab for pulling the string
  • an armguard to prevent injury 

Please contact your nearest club for the exact details. 
Usually for the first 6 weeks you can use club gear and then set out for your own kit.
The correct sequence is: Try it   like it buy it