Coaching L2 course application form

Proposed Date 12th August in IAC shoot grounds.

criteria for attending the level 2 as follows:
1. The applicant must hold a SIFA level 1 instructor cert
2. The applicant must be actively engaged in training at your club,
(evidenced by 5 training schedule sign-offs over 2 years) We are leaving
it up to each club to take responsibility for checking this with each
3. The applicant must have up to date Garda vetting for SIFA in place.
Not an application sent in recently to the CPO waiting for a response
hoping it comes back in time.
4. The applicant must have completed Level 1 Child protection training
(within the last 3 years)
(Requirements 3 & 4 will be cross referenced with records held by the
The number of places available are limited to 20. Each club will
initially be allocated 2 places each. If a club is not in a position to
take up both their allocated places these will be offered to clubs with
more than 2 applicants at the earliest opportunity.