The first course of the new year had a great turnout in the Community
Hall, Murroe, Limerick. The new trainees were put through their paces
with theory and practical work. With the guidance of Eric Kelly and Paul
Fox. Helping each other, the trainees practiced strength training, bow
assembly and archery instruction with efficiency and confidence.

The hall turned out to be an excellent venue. The two day course was
well received and all passed both written and practical exams. SIFA is
proud to have 12 newly accredited coaches to practice their new skills
on return to their clubs. Paul Fox was passed as a new SIFA coach
trainer to conduct additional courses in the future.

Very well done to all, and thank you to all the many people who worked
hard out front and background to make this possible.

The SIFA training will continue to enhance and grow with the emphasis on
the Level 2 course now. The L2 course requires a complete understanding
of the L1 course. As this is critical to the next step in coaching the
coaching team is planning a one day refresher L1 course in April this
year prior to the L2 shortly after.
Your club delegates will be given updates and criteria on future
courses, please check in with them early so they can keep you informed.